Top three secrets on how to live 100 healthy years

Despite what most people think, the secret of living 100 healthy years is just about eating healthy, exercising, improving the quality of sleep and having a positive attitude. Here is an overview of the top three secrets of living 100 healthy years.
  1. Get enough sleep
ציוד דנטליSleep deprivation can send you to an early grave. You should get 8 hours of sleep daily but adults can live long with at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Getting adequate sleep is very important to the overall health. Sleep allows the body to renew and recharge. This explains why you always feel rejuvenated when you wake. Also, ensure that you get quality sleep and focus more on how well you have slept instead of how many hours you have slept.
  1. Eat healthy food and smaller portions
Too much body fat can shorten your life span. Eating healthy and natural foods rich in nutrients are the most recommended. Also, avoid eating processed foods as they contain chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to the body. A research that was carried out in 2013 shown that eating 1400-2000 calories daily can improve the functioning of the heart, in fact it can make it to function like that of someone who is 15 years younger that you. However, too much calorie intake can lead to excess body fat which lowers metabolism and it is linked to poor health and shorter life span. Water is also very important for a healthy life. You should take at least eight glasses of water to improve your overall body health.
  1. Maintain a positive attitude
Even if you have the perfect body with an amazing immune system and you look like 20 years younger that you are, you can still cut your life short if you have the wrong attitude. People with the right attitude live the healthiest and longest lives and they are able to bounce back instantly after an injury. Read more here:  mymedicalusa Further details: